UV-Team Austria
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UV-Team Austria | Strategy and Method
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Strategy and Method for the performance

  1. Knowledge of the UV resistance of relevant pathogenic and indicator microorganisms (Investigation under controlled conditions in a UV laboratory irradiation apparatus)
  2. Determination of  a minimum UV Fluence (based on the required log reduction for pathogens)
  3. Selection of a suitable biodosimeter (UV-253,7 nm calibrated microorganism)
  4. Development of a biodosimetric method (controlled operation conditions) to determine the Reduction Equivalent Fluence (REF; J/m²)
  5. Full scale Performance Test of a UV system using the biodosimetric method
  6. Determination of the permissible range of operation of the tested UV system
    (flow, UV-transmittance, UV irradiance)

Biodosimetric type test