UV-Team Austria
We test UV Systems for Water Disinfection

Measurement of UV Lamps

We now offer Measurements of the radiation characteristics of UV lamps (low pressure and medium pressure) under controlled conditions in a flow through irradiation chamber. The irradiance is monitored along the lamp length by reference radiometers according to ÖNORM M 5873-1 and ÖNORM M 5873-2.

As a special technical feature we investigate the lamp output under the influence of the water temperature. We are able to vary the temperature in a range between 4°C and 40°C. The UV transmittance of the water can be set to any desired value. Electric voltage (Volt), current (Ampere) and power (Watt) of the lamp and power supply are measured continuously. The orientation of the lamp under test can either be horizontally or vertically.

Thus, if you want to get to know more about the characteristics of your UV lamps, just contact us.


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