UV-Team Austria
We test UV Systems for Water Disinfection

Strategy and Method for the performance

  1. Knowledge of the UV resistance of relevant pathogenic and indicator microorganisms Investigation under controlled conditions in a UV laboratory irradiation apparatus)
  2. Determination of  a minimum UV Fluence (based on the required log reduction for pathogens)
  3. Selection of a suitable biodosimeter (UV-253,7 nm calibrated microorganism)
  4. Development of a biodosimetric method (controlled operation conditions) to determine the Reduction Equivalent Fluence (REF; J/m²)
  5. Full scale Performance Test of a UV system using the biodosimetric method
  6. Determination of the permissible range of operation of the tested UV system
    (flow, UV-transmittance, UV irradiance)

Biodosimetric type test


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